“At the proper time, those wise, charitable, and generous folk give a timely gift to the noble ones,
who are stable and upright; given with a clear mind, one’s offering is vast.
Those who rejoice in such deeds or who provide other service do not miss out on the offering; they too partake of the merit.
Therefore, with a non-regressing mind, one should give a gift where it yields great fruit.
AN 5.36

Dedicating a Gift

Making a donation in memory or in honor of a loved one is a beautiful way to support the Sangha. You may commemorate any occasion—a birthday, wedding, moment of sympathy, or holiday—and rejoice in the fact that your donation will give happiness to another as well as support the Dhamma. Such a gift ennobles both the giver and the one who’s honored in the giving. If dedicated to the deceased, such generosity brightens the hearts of those left behind, their memory, and perhaps their passage.

When you’ve selected an amount for your donation, check the “Give in Honor/ Memory” and then “Add Recipients to Notify”. An email will be sent telling those you list of the goodness done in their names.

Additionally, you may enter the names of such loved ones on Clear Mountain’s Blessing Braid and the community will spread loving-kindness and chant for them. Such blessings may be especially meaningful to those in difficulty or as a way of remembering those who have passed.

May all beings be well!