“Mendicants, if sentient beings only knew, as I do, the fruit of giving and sharing,
they would not eat without first giving, and the stain of stinginess would not occupy their minds.
They would not eat without sharing even their last mouthful, their last morsel, so long as there was someone to receive it.
It is because sentient beings do not know, as I do, the fruit of giving and sharing, that they eat without first giving;
the stain of stinginess occupies their minds.”
 Iti 26

Land & Building Fund

Clear Mountain is currently searching for land near Seattle on which to begin building a monastery. In addition to housing a community of monks, the monastery will support a range of activities common to Theravāda Buddhism. These include: pūjas (chanting and meditation), sutta and Pali study, online and public teachings, all-night sits, meal offerings, observance of Buddhist holy days, visits from guest monastics, and retreats. All would be offered freely in the spirit of Dhamma.

While Clear Mountain’s vision is still evolving, we hope to find a location that balances seclusion with accessibility and allows ample room for growth. Eventually, the monastery would likely feature one or more central buildings along with several monastic kutis, or huts, and be forested enough to provide a measure of seclusion to residents.

The property, however, must still be accessible and not too distant from the city, as it aspires to eventually serve as the hub of a growing community of families and practitioners who visit regularly or even purchase homes nearby, integrating monastery activities—such as morning and evening chanting and meditation—into their daily lives.

Those in the community continue to give every day in large and small ways, and current and pledged contributions have reached over $200,000. You can join them here.