“And what is the treasure of generosity?
There is the case of a disciple of the noble ones, his awareness cleansed of the stain of stinginess, living at home, freely generous, openhanded,
delighting in being magnanimous, responsive to requests, delighting in the distribution of alms.
This is called the treasure of generosity.”
AN 7.6

Where It’s Most Needed

In the Theravāda Buddhist tradition there exists a lovely, deeply rooted interdependence—built on respect for practice and generosity—between the monastics and the lay community.  Your open-hearted support allows monks the opportunity to devote their lives to meditation and right practice (sammā-paṭipadā) in a forest refuge while we in the lay community benefit from their teachings.  Here you may give, or participate in the practice of dāna as it is called in the Pali language, to support the monastics’ noble efforts.

Any and all support offered—whether time, work, materials, or practice—is deeply appreciated and kammically wholesome. Sadhu!

For those inclined and able, please consider a monthly donation, as such giving allows the monastery to plan for upcoming needs and provides a welcome level of continuity as the monastics continue their work in the world.

Checks written to “Friends of Clear Mountain” may be sent to:

Friends of Clear Mountain
PO BOX 21283
Seattle, WA 98111-3283

Please consider including your email and number so we can send you a receipt and thank you. The donation form to the right will also allow ACH transfers for non-recurring donations over $100. Those paying via Zelle may enter “Friends of Clear Mountain” as the recipient along with the email, [email protected]. To learn about donating securities and stock, visit our Donate Securities page. Please email [email protected] about wire and money transfers, donations of securities, or with general inquiries.

We rejoice in your generosity. Sadhu!