““These five are a person of integrity’s gifts. Which five?
A person of integrity gives a gift with a sense of conviction. A person of integrity gives a gift attentively.
A person of integrity gives a gift in season. A person of integrity gives a gift with an empathetic heart.
A person of integrity gives a gift without adversely affecting himself or others.”
AN 5.148

A Refuge of Dhamma

Clear Mountain is currently searching for land near Seattle on which to begin building a monastery. In addition to housing a community of monks, the monastery will support a range of activities common to Theravāda Buddhism.

These include: pūjas (chanting and meditation), sutta and Pali study, online and public teachings, all-night sits, meal offerings, observance of Buddhist holy days, visits from guest monastics, and retreats. Furthermore, Clear Mountain hopes to eventually feature accommodations where sincere practitioners may stay and practice, all lodging and teaching offered freely in the spirit of Dhamma.

While Clear Mountain’s vision is still evolving, we hope to find a location that balances seclusion with accessibility and allows ample room for growth. Ideally, the property would measure at least 10 acres, though larger plots or ones bordering parks or land that might be purchased in the future are welcome. Eventually, the monastery would likely feature one or more central buildings along with several monastic kutis, or huts, and be forested enough to provide a measure of seclusion to residents.

The property, however, must still be accessible and not too distant from the city. Clear Mountain hopes to exist in the space between the suburban and rural, no more than a 45-minute journey from Seattle and accessible via public transport.

Additionally, it must be close enough to a population center that the monks can go for alms daily, even if they must ride public transport to do so. Finally, the monastery aspires to eventually serve as the hub of a growing community of families and practitioners who visit regularly or even purchase homes nearby, integrating monastery activities—such as morning and evening chanting and meditation—into their daily lives.

A location like that of Wat Atammayatarama in Woodinville, or one slightly more secluded, could be ideal. Locations on the West side of the Puget Sound, such as Bremerton, Port Orchard, Bainbridge, or Kingston are possible as well.

Generally, monasteries have a policy of not going into debt and must purchase land with funds already available. To acquire property and build the necessary accommodations for a resident population of monks, as well as lodgings for lay stewards and visitors, will require the community to come together in faith and support.

Several anonymous donors have together pledged $200,000 to launch the monastery, hoping this will inspire others to similarly support the Clear Mountain vision. You can join them here. 

If you have any questions or potential property suggestions, please email [email protected].

Checks written to “Friends of Clear Mountain” may be sent to:

Friends of Clear Mountain
PO BOX 21283
Seattle, WA 98111-3283

Please consider including your email and number so we can send you a receipt and thank you. We rejoice in your generosity. Sadhu!