“At the proper time, those wise, charitable, and generous folk give a timely gift to the noble ones,
who are stable and upright; given with a clear mind, one’s offering is vast.
Those who rejoice in such deeds or who provide other service do not miss out on the offering; they too partake of the merit.
Therefore, with a non-regressing mind, one should give a gift where it yields great fruit.
AN 5.36

Donating Securities & Stock

For some donors, a gift of appreciated stock may allow substantial tax savings. While Friends of Clear Mountain does not directly accept securities, stock may be given through stockdonator.com, an intermediary service which immediately sells donated shares and gives the resulting funds to Friends of Clear Mountain.

To donate, click the botton below. After initiating the transfer, please email [email protected] so we can stay apprised of the process (and rejoice in your generosity!). Please email with any questions.

May all beings be well!