“When one’s house is ablaze, the vessel taken out is the one that is useful, not the one left burnt inside.
So when the world is ablaze with the fires of aging and death, one should take out one’s wealth by giving: what is given is well-salvaged.”
SN 1.41

Leave a Legacy

Each of us has the opportunity to leave our mark on the world. The aim of Clear Mountain Monastery is the founding of a Buddhist community. In Theravāda Buddhism and within the Early Buddhist Texts, the forest tradition represents a return to the simple way of life taught by the Buddha. Monastics aspire to live as the early disciples did: dwelling in the forest, studying the teachings, and devoting themselves to cultivating the wholesome. Monks, nuns, and laity exist in a relationship of mutual generosity, in which they support one another on the Buddha’s path towards complete liberation of the heart — Nibbāna.

Clear Mountain hopes to create a home for monks that also supports a range of activities common to Theravāda Buddhism – pujas (chanting and meditation), sutta and Pali study, online and public teachings, meal offerings, and observance of the Buddhist holy days. Additionally, Clear Mountain hopes to eventually feature accommodations where sincere practitioners may come and practice for periods of time, with all lodging and teaching offered freely in the spirit of Dhamma.

Leaving a gift in your will to Friends of Clear Mountain is one way to ensure that your values and compassion will continue to be felt for generations through the continued presence and teachings of the monastic Sangha in the Pacific Northwest. Your legacy gift will help sustain a home for monks and their teachings long into the future.

Consider how you would like to be remembered through your legacy. What is important to you? And how will your estate planning reflect your values and interests?

Information for your Financial Advisor or Lawyer

Contact your financial advisor or lawyer to start preparing your will or to add a simple amendment to your existing will. Professional advice will also help you maximize the tax advantages of your gift. Ensure that you provide your professional advisor with our legal name, tax ID number, website, email, and current mailing address. While this mailing address will likely change when Clear Mountain finds a permanent home, other details listed should allow the gift to go forward. Nonetheless, it may be useful to note when Clear Mountain does find land and adjust your will at that time to accomodate the change.

Entity Name: Friends of Clear Mountain
Tax ID number (US): 88-1711004
Website: https://www.friendsofclearmountain.org/
Email: [email protected]

Current Mailing Address: P.O. Box 21283
Seattle, WA 98111-3283

If you are planning to have the legacy gift come in the form of appreciated securities or life insurance, there are additional tax benefits. Please speak with your financial advisor. Canadian donors interested in receiving a tax deduction for their donation may reach out to us at the address below.

If you feel comfortable sharing your decision, you can let us know by emailing [email protected]. Sadhu!